5 Surprising Things You Don’t Know About The New Lara House Innkeeper

Last month we announced that the Lara House Bed and Breakfast has a NEW innkeeper. Now introducing Dave Felton! Dave loves being a part of this historic house, but this isn’t Dave’s only gig!

Here’s a list of things you may not know about our new Innkeeper:

  1. Dave worked 25+ years in radio.  Dave has been living in Bend since he moved from Utah with his family in 2006 to work for a group of local radio stations to be their commercial production director. His voice can still be heard on a number of local radio ads, as he still does freelance voice work. You’ll hear him as the voice of “Ben the Dog” for Bend Pet Express or as both “Boss and Numbskull” in the Baldy’s BBQ ads.  
  2. Dave has 5 kids and 3 grandkids.  Today, Dave’s children are all grown. He has 5 children and 3 granddaughters. They enjoy camping and hiking with their Papa, or simply playing at Drake Park with a visit to Goody’s Chocolates. 
  3. Dave is an actor and performer.  Occasionally you can catch him at one of Bend’s downtown bars doing stand-up comedy, or performing with Bend Improv Group. He’s also very active in community theater. He just wrapped up a run as Monlina in Kiss of the Spiderwoman at Cascades Theatrical Company and he’s in rehearsals for another Black Box Show at the same theater.  Dave Felton Innkeeper
  4. Dave is a puppeteer. His puppetry credits include being the lead puppeteer and playing Trekkie Monster in the local production Avenue Q. Performing Ben the Dog in Bend Pet Express television ads. And creating several social media ads with puppets for companies across the globe. He owns or has created over a dozen different puppets. photograph of Dave Felton the New Innkeeper
  5. Dave is Santa Claus! For the past 10 years, Dave has donned the big red suit and played Santa for local stores, businesses, and families. Starting with a big fake beard and typical suit in 2008, Dave has now taken to growing and bleaching his own beard and has sewn his own custom suit. He’s Bend’s favorite Santa!

Dave Felton new innkeeper is also Santa in the winter

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