Spend the Day Like a Local in Bend Oregon

An Insider View to Life in the High Desert

Spend the day like a local in Bend Oregon and get the best sandwich in townLunch at Primal Cuts
When visiting the butcher for fresh pork, chicken, beef and turkey locals leave time to multitask at Primal Cuts Market. With some of the best sandwiches in town, it’s the perfect stop along Galveston Avenue for lunch. The asian style pork meatball sandwich is a must try – with pickled veggies, green onion, sriracha mayo, cilantro and those house made meatballs its spicy, savory, and bright with every bite. When you get thirsty choose from one 38 beers on tap, many from Central Oregon.

It’s So Dry Here!
Even those acclimated to the dry Central Oregon climate need extra hydration. Locals like to visit Angelina Organic Skincare downtown on Bond (a short walk from Lara House Bed and Breakfast) to rehydrate. All of the products are locally made in the lab behind the shop. The lab, full of flowers, herbs, oils and tinctures is open to the public so just ask to take a peek. The owner is a rock climber. She developed Skin Doctor, a hand salve for dry, cracked, climbing hands, that was the catalyst for her skincare business. If you visit Smith Rock and go climbing treat yourself to a tin of Skin Doctor, it’s instant protection.

Spend the day like a local in Bend Oregon with the best pastries in town.

Beyond the Ocean Roll
No doubt locals and visitors alike love the cardamom infused Ocean Roll from Sparrow Bakery. If you haven’t had one go to the original bakery on Scott Street and treat yourself. But locals also indulge in the seasonal delights from Pastry Chef Nickol Hayden-Cady at Foxtail Bakeshop. The menu just changed and the seasonal croissant roll is the Solstice with juniper, rosemary and lemon sugar. If you love biscuit sandwiches, order one here, the biscuit is SO rich and buttery.

Grown and Made in Bend
To find all things grown and made locally folks in town shop at Central Oregon Locavore on Third Street. They stock meat, dairy and eggs from Central Oregon ranches and vegetables from local farms. Tucked in the isles of the store are products made in Central Oregon, from sixteen brands of local bath and body products to pantry staples like jams, teas, granola and so much more. If you are looking for the perfect gift to take home no one can resist award-winning Holm Made Toffee.

Spend the day like Bend local playing Modern GamesNo Bored Games Here
Central Oregon is a huge outdoor playground, no matter the season, but sometimes locals just want to hang out inside. Maybe it’s the weather, or a rest day, but to get in some play visit Modern Games in the Box Factory. They have a game library so you can check out a game, grab a pint and chill out for a while. If they have it, and there is only two of you, play Patchwork by Uwe Rosenberg. It’s a multi award-winning yet simple game where each player is trying to build out a quilt with tiles and buttons. If that seems too basic don’t worry they have plenty of strategy heavy, difficult games too.

Soak it Out
Locals unwind amidst the turquoise tiles and a mural depicting St. Francis harvesting grapes at the McMenamin’s Old St. Francis School soaking pool (admission is only $6). If you visit the semi-enclosed salt water pool at night don’t forget to look up and enjoy a view of the stars. To continue your relaxation after a soak, throw on your robe and grab a glass of wine at the pub. Don’t worry, you won’t be the only robed guest at the bar. If you get famished put your clothes back on and walk over to The Stihl Whiskey Bar for a bourbon and onion marinated burger paired with an Old Fashioned, Manhattan or Sazerac. What’s great is both venues are within walking distance from Lara House.

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